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Full Stack Radio

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

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    135: Lessons Learned Building Tailwind UI

    In this episode, Adam is joined by Sam Selikoff to talk about some of the interesting technical challenges he faced building Tailwind UI, and how working on the project has influenced how he will build layouts in the future.

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    134: Mark Dalgleish - You Should Be Using Layout Components

    In this episode, Adam talks to Mark Dalgleish about common mistakes people make in their approach to constructing layouts, and how dedicated layout components can make your component system much easier to work with.

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    127: Jonathan Reinink - Building Modern Monoliths with Inertia.js

    In this episode, Adam talks to Jonathan Reinink about Inertia.js, a new framework he recently released that lets you build single page applications with Vue, React, or Svelte, without having to give up the productivity benefits of traditional server-side development workflows using tools like Laravel or Rails.

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