Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

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    109: The Road to Tailwind CSS v1.0

    In this episode, the tables are turned as Sam Selikoff interviews Adam about the upcoming release of Tailwind CSS v1.0.

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    107: Sam Selikoff - Pushing Complexity to the Client-Side

    In this episode, Adam continues his discussion with Sam Selikoff about building single page applications, this time focusing on strategies for keeping your API layer as simple as possible, so all of your complexity lives in your client-side codebase instead of being spread across both.

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    105: Strength Training for Nerds

    In the spirit of the new year, Adam and Ben Orenstein talk about getting in shape through strength training.

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    102: Paul Jarvis - Staying Small

    In this episode Adam talks to Paul Jarvis about defining your own version of success and why you might not need to build a big business to achieve it.

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